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In couscous.

Thanks for following up! I made four jars of lemons yesterday following your recipe, so these ideas are very apropo.

You're quite welcome! I'll try to remember to post actual recipes or at least other ideas as they come up. I hope other people will also share what they wind up doing with theirs.

I'm tickled pink that so many people seem to have been inspired to do the preserving. Meanwhile, I'm starting to look awfully covetously at the second and third jar of this last batch. They're intended for gifting, but surely I can't intend to leave only one jar more for me? I think I'd better make another batch that will come ripe a couple of weeks after this one. Dear me, how obsessive I am.

Instead of squeezing lemon juice on top of fish before baking, lace the top with preserved lemons. I eat the lemon along with the fish.
Use in shrimp scampi and most fish dishes. There are so many uses for these lemons and they are always on hand when you need them.
You need to experiment.

We have 4 year old lemon trees that are laden with fruit. After giving plenty to friends, we still have baskets full. My wife said "go and find a good recipe on the internet" So, here I am ready to try my first batch. Wish me luck.
Gerry (Australia)

Two favorite preserved lemon uses: 1) Cut up and toss with root vegs and potatos and whole unpeeled garlic cloves and olive oil and fresh ground black pepper and (opt) rosemary . Roast on a cookie sheet until all these things are soft as the lemons and crusty brown edged- with good bread to mop up.

2)Same as above, only add a chicken, cut up. Cook for a long time till chicken is very crisp-might take 2 hours at 375. Take out chicken and veg with tongs,and put on platter. Pour off most of the fat. (Save fat for roasting potatos) Deglaze pan with broth and or lemon juice. Serve sauce on side.

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