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Oh this happened to our car too! It ended up costing us about $10 after what AAA covered. We responded in a less culinarily-creative way and downed a bottle of wine while the nice man drilled out the ignition. Now the real pain is having two keys for the car (doors and ignition). Thankfully we only use it about once a week...

Wait-- how'd you learn to cook other things besides rice in your rice cooker? Trial and error? A secret society? A (please yes) helpful cookbook or website? I'm scared to try without some better sense of what will happen. Any hints?

Sorry to hear about your car, BTW. And the garlic yogurt sounds delicious. I just fastened on the minor rice cooker detail.

Thanks for the sympathy -- fortunately Geico has been extremely helpful and pleasant about the whole thing.

Nicole, I'm delighted to tell you that there IS a very helpful cookbook with all kinds of recipes for rice cookers; it's called The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook. I don't usually go in for the more elaborate recipes they suggest, but it's definitely helped me feel more confident about playing with pilafs and making non-rice grains in there. It helps that I have a fuzzy logic cooker, but the book has excellent advice for all kinds of cookers.

What advice do you have on the thingstodowithgarlicscapes front? I find myself mystified by their very existence and none of my cookbooks seem to have any better idea.


I've been a reader of your blog for a couple of months, now... only lurking, though, because I hadn''t gotten around to trying any of the recipes.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the garlic yogurt idea - it was easy to make, and went really well with the curried potatoes I had for dinner. I'll definitely remember it for later. Thanks for the rice cooker cookbook link, too!

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