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So, back in the 80's my family was in upstate NY. Well on our way to the house we rented for the summer we went to the market, and there spotted one undammaged, ripe avocado!
On checking out the chekcer grabbed it, swipped it, and tossed in in the bag. He then asked what was that anyway?

The answer is of course "It WAS an avocado."

That is indeed a tragic tale. I need to come to California soon, and eat a lot of avocados while I'm there.

That is a very sad story, Eel. Maybe he could break a bottle of Monoplova while he's at it.

Are these guacamole tacos just (just!?) guacamole shoved into a fried tortilla, or is something else in there? (And did I ever mention how much we enjoyed the raita / corn / tomato salad dinner?)

Yep, just guacamole in a fried tortilla. Simple and elegant, is it not? This batch of guacamole had a few chopped cherry tomatoes in it, but next time I think I'll leave those out.

Thanks very much -- I can't take credit for the tomato-corn-raita combination, as it was my friend and erstwhile flatmate A. who introduced me to it. Man, I can't wait until corn and tomatoes are in season again.

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