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Juliet just made her first big batch of ajvar on Sunday from the same recipe. Her first of many. God, that's good Croatian condiment / side-dish.

Boy howdy. I just had some on a cracker and sent some off with S. in his lunch, and now I'm eyeing my jar with trepidation. I think I'd better make a truckload now, buy some canning tongs, and stock my pantry. Maybe then I could bear the thought of sharing.

I wonder if we were in fact making it simultaneously. I thought to make this recipe mainly because it uses green pepper, and we got one in my CSA delivery; normally I am not a big fan of the green pepper -- it seems like a waste of the sweet pepper it could have grown up to be. Now I believe I am going to go out and deliberately buy green peppers. Will wonders never cease?

the link to the recipe you posted doesn't mention eggplant at all! very odd.

you're getting peppers already from your csa? ours is still stuck on lettuce and greens, moving slowly into zucchini land. and kohlrabi. plenty of kohlrabi.

guess that's the difference between nyc and maryland, though.

By God, so it doesn't. Well, it's a pound of eggplant to that quantity of peppers, and 6 tablespoons of olive oil, not three. Really, I should have just recommended that everyone look at the cookbook to start with.

i live in germany and i tried the plum cake recipe with german plums it was very very good and simple.thanks

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