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I once had a box of Sleepytime Extra. So impressed was I with the extra that I bought a box even though I already had one of non-extra Sleepytime. I have gone through all the extra, sadly, and am back down to non. Note the timestamp on this comment, and it should come as little surprise that I am slurping it as I type... well, taking breaks rather from typing for the occasional slurp. I have no crosswords, so I read or play scales instead.

I just put a healthy looking Valerian plant in my herb garden on the weekend. I'll report back if it survives and then on what to do with it. My current plan is to slip it into dishes so guests will fall asleep before consuming all mine and their alcohol.

Sorry to have languished so long -- I've been out of town. Please do report back, whether or not you have entertaining stories about drugging all your dinner guests.

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