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Unfortunately, they don't freeze as well as some herbs (e.g. kaffir lime leaves) or dry as well as others (e.g. oregano).

But they appear to be abundant in my local Indian grocer lately (I'm in Virginia).

They're sublime with mustard seeds and turmeric, fried in oil, and then poured on top of jsut about anything.

They also go well mixed in with coconut-milk-based daals.

Never tasted curry leaves before. You certainly made me curious to try some.

I'm afraid my advice messed up your feed template horribly. :( You may as well just go back to the original.

That's okay -- thanks very much for the help, in any case. S. has intervened and it looks like everything is fixed up now. (If you still have problems let me know.)

I am addicted to curry leves too. I can usually get them in my indian grocery, otherwwise i freeze them whic is the next best thing. But you have a good point aboutt he growing of them. I didn't think of that.

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