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I tried these (from the last time you mentioned them) the other week, and was a bit disappointed. They were OK, but not anything special. Where did I go wrong? Your recipes always turn out well for me so I just don't know what happened with this one. I might try more seasoning and perhaps more olive oil next time. I also did them on top of the stove - have you found they turn out better in the oven?

I'm sorry you didn't like them! It's true that this is not a terribly exciting dish. It's quiet. Undersalting is also particularly detrimental with this one.

I also forgot that I'd already written about this! I repeat stories a lot in real life, too.

Continuing: I do usually do them in the oven, but I don't think it makes a huge difference. I think probably adding some garlic would be harmonious and would help jazz things up a bit.

Anyway, the next cooking-ahead dish I'm going to write about is more of a taste sensation, as well as less of a time commitment, so check back. They're vegetarian kibbeh made with red lentils and tarragon, among other things, and great to keep in the fridge for snacking on demand.

Thanks very much for reading, cooking, and the feedback!

Looking again at the poll I made on my livejournal about the dinner that the beans were part of, I see that one person did vote for them as her favourite dish, so perhaps I was just being too hard on the poor things. I think I might try adding lemon juice (ooh, or maybe some preserved lemons) next time. You're probably right about the salt, too.

I look forward to reading about the kibbeh. This is my absolute favourite food blog, and I always get excited to see a new post.

Vera- I make these beans too- also from a Paula Wolfert recipe, and include (her idea, not mine), a pinch of Aleppo (Turkish) pepper, which is particularly good in these, I think, but also regular red pepper flakes would be fine too.

I just discovered your site. YAY! I love it! Thank you thank you thank you! It's the perfect combination of witty writing, daily life, and intriguing recipes.



Yeah, what she said, (back to lurk after a long absence). Made the red lentil soup the other night. We thought a dollop of yoghurt was nice with that.

Thank you very much! I wish I could get it together to post a little more frequently, but I have enough trouble getting all my work done as it is, alas.

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