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How utterly cruel of you not to disclose the name of the perfect dish drainer.....I'm left wondering and worst of all...WANTING one!

It's from Williams-Sonoma. The last time I looked at the website, they were offering slightly different ones, more expensive with little plastic hooks for wine glasses... see what you can find.

Now that our dishwasher is fixed, I'm finding that I'm most discontented with the arrangement of the racks inside the washer. Wouldn't it be great/deranged if one could get beautifully and cleverly designed replacement racks to swap out with the ones that came with the machine?

Ha! Just read your procedure manual for the correct dishwashing technique. That is EXACTLY how I do it. Nice to know there are other clean dish freaks out there. I have a cousin who never quite gets all the soap off when he rinses. Oh the horror! I wash up when I'm over there.

Oh and...Please rinse and squeeze out the dish sponge before calling the job done.

Thanks for the laugh!

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