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Just in time for my own farmbox summer squash debacle.....I will probably make it this weekend.

Yay!! A new post!!!

Sounds delish, and a helpful recipe. I myself have made more csa zucchini pancakes than I can bear this season, and I share your squeamishness about squash in pastas, etc, though I do it when I must. This, however, sounds great. Thank you! And nice to have you back.

Try a blender soup too - add things like sour cream to counteract the wateriness, and a bit of potato too perhaps. Fry the squash/other veg with butter and herbs to begin before you add the water (if yu don't do so already). Chuck in whatever's around.

I've got a plunger type blender so it is a breeze to make a soup like this and blend it in the saucepan. If you have the other type of blender YMMV.

Oh, and sourdough bread or croutons...

A very timely post. Looks pretty good and easy. I really like your website (and have even linked my blog to yours for certain recipes). Keep up the good work!

I have not got the yick problem with summer squash -- I love it, particularly the crooknecked yellow warty ones -- but this *still* sounds like a good thing to do with them. I'll have to give it a whirl.

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