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RR seems to be a person of good intentions who can actually cook. She also seems-after a number of years- to be getting a bit pushed by her perpetual 30 minute format. I'll bet anything she makes for her own entertainment now takes days of prep.

The famed and sometimes scorned extreme perkiness appears to me to be based in genuine enthusiasm. Her desserts are to be avoided, but you can tell that in a second. I think she can too- she says frankly that she really isn't a baker.

Would you mind sharing your recipe for fig preserves? I would like to try making some and have a recipe I know works! Thanks!

Yes, I'd be happy to. I'll try to remember to transcribe it as soon as I get home tonight.

Try a little cilantro in that Black bean and Corn salad!

I used cilantro in the black bean and corn salad before I saw your comment, it was delicious

I have just discovered black beens in loose in the health food store I have never cooked them before can you pls tell me how did you cook them first and for how long. before you added them to the salad.
many thanks

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