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I don't believe there is any type of container that can do the impossible but there is something you can do: put the two egg halves together and wrap them in plastic, the filling will be squashed a bit, but its a lot less messy.

I have some small containers that measure 2" by 2" and have a plastic snap on lid. I think it would be just the right size for one deviled egg. They are 1" deep. I bought them at Smiths Food King (a Kroger store) in Salt Lake City, Utah, but I have no idea what brand they are. There doesn't seem to be any kind of brand on them, although they do say "made in Thailand" on the bottom. Good luck finding something similar. I use them mainly to freeze things like lemon juice, lime juice, chopped basil in olive oil, tamarind paste, etc. I have a pretty good collection of them in my freezer all the time.

You could try using plastic Easter eggs - the hollow kind you fill with candy in the spring? You can either smoosh two halves together and put them into a vertically-opening egg, or if you can find the ones that open horizontally, you can place one devilled egg inside and cover with plastic wrap!

Another vertical storage option is a microwavable egg cookers, like these.

Thanks for the suggestions. Alas, I *really* want something with divots and a cover, just like the ones that they make for transporting large quantities of the eggs -- otherwise, by virtue of either squishing the two sides together or otherwise, I may as well just (as you say) stick the two sides together, which I can do already as it is. (A whole egg also doesn't fit very well in my lunch box.) Oh well, worth a try.

(That microwave egg cooker is pretty damn cute, though!)

You could always transport the whites and filling separately. Stack the eggs in Tupperware and the put some filling in a Ziploc and push the filling tightly into the corner of the bag. When it is lunchtime, just snip off the corner of the bag, fill your egg whites and enjoy.

Now THAT is brilliant.

The ziploc suggestion makes me smile, because that's how I make deviled eggs to begin with. I put the yolks and mayo and spices in a ziploc sandwich bag and mash it all together until it's well mixed, then snip and fill. Saves dishes and time. If I'm doing a lot of eggs, I use a gallon bag. :)


Did you ever find a container like you wanted? I am looking for the same thing.

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