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Your grandmother is a serious fan of the very nice combo of prunes with vanilla ice cream, which she claims as her own (recent) invention.
She would go for your cake bigtime. Me too.
I think that prune ice cream is something to look into for sure.
As you know, I also value the dried plum.

Most of the inns where I had breakfast in England had a bowl of stewed prunes as one of the accompaniments for the continental portion of the breakfast. I really liked starting the day with Weetabix and prunes with milk. All of the prunes I encountered there still had the pits in, leading to long discussions (with myself, of course) about whether they were pitted or unpitted prunes. Either way, they sure were good.

Prunes for all! I should say also that these are especially good with Earl Grey tea. R. was gratifyingly enthusiastic. S. wants me to try them again with a bit of cocoa in the batter (not that he didn't like them this way too).

One of the recipes I used as a jumping-off point was a single big cake made in a springform pan. If you had tiny little individual-serving springforms (do they even make such a thing?) I think that would be absolutely perfect for these -- they'd make wonderful little damp rich disks. Eating them out of the ramekin was no hardship, however.

The smallest springform pan I've ever seen is six inches in diameter. It would be relatively easy, though, to line the ramekins with parchment or waxed paper. You can pretty easily cut four or six disks at a time by folding the waxed/parchment paper accordian style, stapling, and cutting once. Then, with the leftovers, you can cut strips that can be used to line the sides. Not that I've ever given the matter any thought or obsessed over lining pans because I live in abject terror of cakes not releasing, you understand.

I made this at the weekend: it was fab.
Very very rich, almost like a Christmas cake - definitely needs the cream / ice-cream.
Thanks a million!

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