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Is this the recipe from the Greens cookbook? I have been planning to try it out soon. If it is the same, I am glad to hear that it is so good.

Yes, that's the one!

Funny that you should post on this now ... I just made the loaf again to take as a dish for Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgivng was last weekend) It really is fab isn't it? And, still a pain to make. I always vary the amounts somehow and end up with too much to fit into one pan so at least I end up with some to freeze. I'm glad you like it so much.

That's interesting -- one of the delights of this recipe for me is that it *always* fits in the pan, as if by magic. But on the other hand, I assuredly do not follow the original recipe's instruction to "pour" the mixture into the pan. Packing it in is more like it. Which do you do?

If there's a Trader Joe's in your area they have precooked brown, or white, rice.

I am here to praise the loaf... this is such a great recipe! And thanks to Trader Joes and my food processor, it was really not that hard to make. Trader Joes had toasted cashews (chopped in the food pro), frozen brown rice (already a big fan, happy to find a new use for it), grated cheddar, and the food pro made quick work of the mushroons as well. I was sure it wouldn't fit into the pan, but it did.

We've eaten it for lunch on potato dill bread, and for dinner (and lunch today) with mashed potatoes and stewed tomatoes. Do you know if it freezes well?

I have made this recipe twice this week. I love the loaf and everyone I have served it to does too. Thanks so much.

I like reading the word loaf so much. Loaf's in the oven right now- I think it's gonna be good. There was a lot of chopping.

What do you call a lazy bison?
A Buffa-loafer.


This is a great recipe, but props go to the Tassajara Cookbook, where this recipe originated. Deborah Madison ate it at Tassajara and put it in her book.

Great recipe. My Greens Cookbook recipe says 'fill' the pan, Chopping is fiddly - I usually do it by hand, but a food processor works too. It is one of those recipes that can be varied and still taste good. I use more fresh mushrooms (preferably with dark gills) & soaked, chopped dried porcini (the soaking water is strained and used for something else). Usually add more cottage cheese, too.
I had no idea it was in the Tassajara Cookbook & that I should have cooked it years before I tried the Green's recipe!

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