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this was good, and it's hard to imagine any recipe more simple. a new use for my treasured lemon olive oil!

other pantry staples that i treasure are vinegars from chateau morrisette winery. their spicy pecan, blood orange, and late harvest riesling vinegars are scrumptious. wash & dry some baby spinach, sprinkle lightly with blood orange vinegar, and microwave for ooh, 30 seconds or so, and you have a treat. you can order them at

(i have no connection with the winery -- i just love
their vinegars.)

I make something like this but I add fresh fava beans. Instead of the lemon olive oil, I use lemon zest and juice. The favas considerably up the people power factor though, but they're worth it.

Spicy pecan vinegar sounds insanely good! And while fava beans do indeed up the labor requirements, it sounds delicious. And it's nice to have uses for favas that can accommodate a large or small amount depending on what you can get (or stand to shell).

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