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dear redfox, i am SO SO SO sorry about your break-in. i know how unnerving things like that can be, and how strange it is to feel like, "what? i'm fine, no one's hurt, nothing irreparable is lost," and yet, it's crazy to be on the receiving end of any act that involves broken glass. it's just freaky.
anyway, i hope you don't mind this sympathy note from a distant reader. i love your writing, and very often your recipes (although, hmm--i wasn't as taken with the ricotta/lemon pasta as you were, but perhaps it was just too subtle for my aggro palate). good luck with the aftermath--which is also why this sort of petty theivery sucks: the petty tasks to recover what's lost try the patience. enjoy your coffee.
take care,

Thank you so much for your kind words and sympathy. It's true that the ricotta and lemon pasta is not at all a Giant Taste Sensation -- it's more of a nursery/comfort food thing. I also must confess that I like it better when I add a good bit of lemon zest as well as the lemon olive oil.

Grrr. My hackles up, I wish to find the bastards, hound them down and kick their no good and doubtless unattractive butts for their unprovoked attack on the equanimity of the small, harmless and delightful redfox.

Or at least fix you another cup of coffee. Poor dearie.

Such is the nature of grizzly bear motherhood.

I know exactly what you mean. It's as if the thief stole some kind of tranquility along with the laptop. We park on the street in Jersey City and once our car was broken into. Although nothing valuable was stolen (mainly because we don't keep anything in the car, and keep the glove compartment open to advertise that fact), it sort of creeped me out for a few months that someone had broken in and had rummaged about the car. They even left a cigarette butt in the ashtray (we don't smoke). So they stole our peace of mind, which I assume isn't worth very much to them, but a lot to us. Fortunately, it does come back, especially since in both our cases it wasn't our homes that were broken into. And kudos to you for being a regular back-up-er! If everyone who reads this post thinks twice about backing up then the incident will not have been for naught.

It must be horrible... I can't even imagine my laptop getting flicked.. But that time i lost my heavy Gold chain was horrible. It was gifted me by mom on my first Job... about a 1000 dollar's worth of gold...

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