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Lovely photo. Pink bit is gorgeous.

Lovely photo. Pink bit is gorgeous.

I love, love, love lychees! They are my favorite food in the world. At lychee season, I ask the produce manager at my grocery store to order them for me by the case. For the 3 weeks or so that they are available, I go through several 10 lb cases. The grocery clerks always look at me like I am crazy.

I got to try some custard apples on my trip to Peru and they have now become my favorite fruit. You can buy them online (at Calimoya Orchards) but you have to buy a lot of them.

Ohhhh, tempting. I wonder how much of a lot four pounds really is.

The first time I had lychees was in my early teens in a big hotel in London. But I thought the waiter had said 'light cheese' was on the dessert menu (which I had imagined to be a sort of fromage blanc) so imagine my surprise when fruit appeared.

I got to love the fresh ones when I lived in the Far East. Yum.

And custard apples really do taste like custard - very strange.

Yes I agree with you, the lychees are indeed crazy delicious.
I think this fruit is wonderful for a daily sweet dessert. I hope lychees are going to be more available in the future.

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