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Sounds deeeelish.


Not chilaquiles, either, because the chips weren't simmered in anything. Close, though!

I believe that the term "nachos" is very broadly defined these days, and as a descriptivist, you might be expected to embrace that broadening.

Also, I frequently eat my nachos (broadly or narrowly defined) with a fork, though now that I've written that, I begin to worry that I may have been using the wrong fork.

We put lettuce on em, too, and call them "haystacks."

With rice instead of chips underneath (and sometimes lentils instead of black beans), you've got a version of majidra!

Those pickled onions are good on some other stuff, too. I love them and they last at least a week in the fridge.

Can't wait until spring when our Costco is due to open, so I canget me some more of those avocados and pine nuts.

I know this doesn't concern about the dish. I bought and ate a few avocado fruits from costco. I grew the seeds from it and now i have a few 2 feet avocado trees. I really want to know what breed of avocados does costco sell. does anyone know?

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