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Not sure if the Lipton Spring Vegetable variety is still vegetarian, buy try this link http://www.discountcoffee.com/SpringVegetableSoup.htm

Ooh, thanks!

This might be useful (cup-a-soup is very big in the Netehrlands, and I was surprised to see that it is sold in the USA as well...): http://www.cupasoup.com/faq.asp

Very interesting. Perhaps we are in the Northeast by Lipton's reckoning, though I don't remember seeing any interesting new flavors at the grocery store... I'll have to take another look and see if something new has sprung up recently.

packets of soup are very available in England - for example,


I don't know how you'd get a hold of them in the US though.

damn it, the link didn't work.

well, look in "rice, pasta and dried foods," then in "soup and croutons" then "soup mix" to see lots of varieties

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