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that lemon/raspberry/dark chocolate combo sounds great to me, and very spring. you could decorate with lemon zest, candied or not, and whole raspberries: both of which would look lovely on the dark chocolate ganache.

i've been making that kind of ganache icing a bunch lately, but with regular cream, heated till simmering, poured over chopped chocolate, and stirred till blended. nice to know that it works with sour cream, too! i made a ganache-iced gingerbread (for a birthday, also!) that i think would take particularly well to the sour cream ganache, the next time around... particularly if i did it in layer cake pans, which a few thin layers of the chocolate.

Oh, I love chocolate with gingerbread. So many cakes, crying out to be made.

On the strength of your description, I ordered the Dorie Greenspan book from the library for a test drive. This weekend, I'm planning to make dressy chocolate cake and fill it with a layer of marmalade. Oh, yes.


Sounds great! I hope it turned out well. I had thought of finally making the cupcakes last night -- which would have been a good idea, since a friend will be coming over this evening and she could have helped to eat them -- but was too lazy. Soon, soon.

Has anyone tried the raspberry/lemon/dark chocolate combo that was mentioned? How did it turn out?

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