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Vera-lah! Spinach is tasty. But really I am commenting to say that I miss you, and our silly, clovey, linguistically-quippy, occasionally critically-rigorous chats. Hope you are thriving out there in non-Maryland-land.

Amber!!! I miss you too. I don't know what email you are using these days, but I am at redfox at gmail.com. Surely I will be in Maryland again sometime, if you are still around. I would love to see you.

This soup is happening at my house very soon. I agree re frozen spinach, though when the CSA farmbox starts up in 2 weeks, there will be so much fresh spinach that I will be a processing plant unto myself.

I just happened upon your site when googling for "vacuum-packed gnocchi." The recipe for this soup somewhat resembles a traditional Indian dish, palak paneer, which is basically creamed spinach with cumin and other spices, as well as chunks of panir. Just avoid the recipes asking for ricotta.

I really like your site,and was happy to find the recipe for vegetarian pho. Thanks.

I'm going to have to try this; I *love* spinach and cumin and sherry and never would have thought to combine them.

It is rather like palak paneer! Though the sherry and lemon zest add a special something different. I never would have thought to combine them with cumin either, but it's great.

I did take the idea and make it into a baked spinach and rice dish -- will try to write up the recipe soon.

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