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OMG! The Ritter Sport rum-raisin-nut is absolutely the best.chocolate bar. EVAR.

I have not been able to find them for a long time in the Boston-Cambridge area stores I always used to buy them from, and figured Ritter Sport had simply stopped making them.

This gives me immense hope!

-- briank (a Friend of Torrez)

Literally intoxicating? Please try to refrain from using the word "literally" in the non literal sense.

Great blog however.

Unless you are the ghost of H.W. Fowler, please try to refrain from correcting people's grammar. The bar is made with real rum, which is an actual intoxicant. While the odor itself will not cause you to become intoxicated, it is in fact the scent of something that will, in sufficient quantities.

Meanwhile, please also see this paper on semantic change in literally, truly, really, and other related words.

Glad you like the weblog. (If you are the ghost of H.W. Fowler, thank you for your interest from beyond the grave.)

hahahahaha! loved the comment back to the word nerd parser!

nice to read you again--just when i found you last time around (you came up on a google search for some arcane food item--oh yeah, AJVAR!) it seemed you were taking a break.

i'm a fan of the dark choc, whole hazelnut Ritter bar, but will look for this other one too!

Thanks! That is indeed an excellent Ritter bar as well, I quite agree. I can hardly wait until the farmer's market is bursting with eggplant and green peppers so I can make ajvar again. (Odd that the version I make is so different from the red pepper stuff one always sees in jars, but I like mine better, so hey.)

I found the rum Ritter bar at our local Superfresh. Whew, I knew Baltimore was getting fancy, but I didn't expect this much fanciness! I also picked up the tasty marzipan filled Ritter at Wegman's, which I recommend.

I just finished off a Riiter Sports Rhum Raisin bar,after nibling on it for a week in the refrigerator.Quite satisfying.Theres another though on the table unopen.Their in most fast food marts in Thailand and probaly the supermarkets.I thought I might find them at military bx and px stores in the states but never have.

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