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These sound wonderful. Some alternate names:

Coochie buns
Hot trim tasties
Merkin munchies
Poon poppers

Okay, maybe not.

Oh, dear. Say, maybe "muffins" is okay after all.

"Individual quick breads"?

Today I made a batch with just 1.5 cups each of onion and broccoli, both chopped quite fine, one clove of minced garlic, a tablespoon of fancy thyme mustard, and a few drops of lemon oil, with cheddar cheese. They smell fantastic. I'm psyched.

hand-cakes. savory hand-cakes.

and they sound wonderful!

Made these last night and they are SO good! They remind me of a kugel. They rose in the oven but sank a bit once they cooled. It was the first time I made something in the kitchen since I broke my ankle at the beginning of May, and what a great recipe to get back into the kitchen for!

Taza: We've been trying "hand-cakes" on for size, and I think it just might stick.

Samantha: I'm so glad! You're right, they are in the same food family as kugel, somehow. I think next I might make an Indian-inspired batch, featuring things you might find inside a samosa.

hmm, depending on the ingredients you could maybe call them "tangy tuffets..."

i had some savory rolls once at the bakery at point reyes station, built like cinnamon rolls but w/caramelized onion and whole grain and olive oil, man they were good. real foods used to have a fabulous gruyere (?) polenta muffin i think. dense and moist and eggy.

gotta try yours!

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