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Mmmmm, onion jam. When I was younger, my mother used to keep a jar on hand to serve as a lickety-split cocktail snack; just plop some onion jam alongside some cream cheese or goat cheese and a stack of crackers. Guests snarfle it up. Who wouldn't?

It's also a lovely sandwich with - of course - cream cheese and tomato or avocado. Mmm.

Oh, mmmmm. I can't wait for tomato season (except that there's really quite a lot I need to get done before August, so it's just as well that it's not quite around the corner yet).

The cream cheese thing is a truly great idea- and it is an excellent regular cheese condiment, too-especially in a ploughman's lunch type arrangement.I love this stuff.

Adding some hot pepper to the onions early on is advisable, even if it does detract from the range of potential applications.

And for heaven's sake, use honey, not sugar.

Hot pepper sounds excellent, but I'm not convinced by your honey advocacy. I don't think I want my onion jam to taste like honey, I just want it to taste sweeter than it would without the sugar.

Mmm mmm mmm, Having made my third batch last night, I'm in a fine position to confirm: this is good stuff.

Thanks to you and Ximena for spurring me to try it out. It's far easier to produce than I would have thought. I'll be giving away some jars as holiday gifts this year.

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