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In Claudia Roden's original A Book of Middle Eastern Food, she has a recipe for "Imam Bayildi," (the imam fainted). She says the story is that the imam fainted with pleasure when his wife served him the dish, or that he fainted when he found out how expensive the ingredients were and how much olive oil went into the dish. In any case it is a delicious Turkish recipe for eggplant stuffed with onions, tomatoes, parsley and garlic, stewed in lots of olive oil

Or, "confit prepared in honor of fainting" as in Chicken Tetrazzini?

Lynn: Right, but the confit didn't faint with pleasure, you know?

Mum: I suppose, but I suspect the morphology is wrong for that, also: less amusing. Well, actually, okay, a confit prepared in honor of fainting would still be pretty amusing.

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