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Now I have to get fennel pollen, dammit.
You probably know I am a total fennel enthusiast, and often substitute it for celery, in recipes where some would say it does not belong. Yet I didn't know about this...and now I can't let it go. The discription in the link is just too much for me.

Yeah, I'm afraid it really is just extremely good. Here is a John Thorne article about it that will beguile you even further.

Okay- so I got the fennel pollen, and I made up this amazing baked pasta, shrimp and fennel thing; it is so good. I'm going to make it again for Richard's birthday tomorrow. I think it would also be quite wonderful without the shrimp.If it is as good the 2nd time, I will post about it. Thanks for the tip- I think. Magical-but expensive. But you don't need much.

Ohh, num. I look forward to reading about it.

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