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Very, very cool photo.

Say, was the butter puff pastry you bought and mentioned earlier from Trader J's?

Saw PP in their circular and got very excited, as the oily Pepperidge Farm and king's ransom Williams-Sonoma have been the only ready mades available in these parts? Tried it yet? Was it good?

Nope, I got it at Whole Foods, and it's definitely expensive. It is good, though.

Re: the photo, thank you!

I got over to Trader Joe's and the puff pastry was all butter and $4 for 2 sheets. It's looking good...but unfortunately my crappy oven is broken, so I can't try it out right away.

Wait a second. It's October. You can't use that it's-too-hot-to-make-my-own-puff-pastry excuse any more. We all know you know how. It's easy! It's cheap!

Do you find whole wheat pasta not worth bothering with? It never seems ideal to me, but it's not bad with lots of cheese.

Ah,anapestic-a person can't always reach for the heights. I profited greatly from your tutorial on the subject myself...but if you can buy it for a reasonable price..I always say that if I lived in Paris, or San Francisco, I wouldn't bake bread, either. This TJ's stuff is good- it baked up nicely in my toaster oven, even,-good flavor. Not too pricey, and all butter. I'm just sayin'.

Is the type of squash interchangeable? My family likes zucchini, yellow summer squash, and butternut squash. But I know those vary quite a bit in water content and I'd think that could make a big difference in texture and cooking time. Sounds great, though!

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