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Though our Thanksgiving week is more abstemious than some, with less cream and more vegetables, I notice that we've been snarfling down the squashes and kashas and greens with even more alacrity than usual since the feast. Maybe we're observing an informal Fiber Week around here, too.

I'm glad to see this recipe revisited, since I forgot to try it the first time around. Maybe this week!

yes! sunday night post-thanksgiving, when i finally got back to my own apartment, i was delighted to find my dinner-partner cooking spicy black beans and garlicky collards: and all week i've been tending towards such things. well, those, plus ice cream, which is a constant.

redfox, I'm cordially inviting you to an online sandwich party! I hope you'll have a chance to participate.

(Sorry to post this publically, though of course your readers are free to play, too. I didn't see a "contact me" link. If you wish to delete this, I'll understand.)

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