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Hi, remember me?
Of course you don't...probably never knew I was here. But I'll be glad to see the continuation of vegetarian cooking info, presently.

[You'll notice my community blog's gone dim for a bit, too..]

Hello! Thanks for commenting -- so nice, and surprising, to know someone's reading.

hello - i've been peeking in from time to time as well, so that adds up to at least two of us. glad to see a few new posts from you. i hope congratulations are in order for your dissertation?

They are indeed, thanks! Now I am entitled to wear a voluminous robe and silly hat.

Aha! You're back. So lovely to see you again. Although...$300 kitty toys are slightly nausea inducing.

I know! They boggle the mind. I love them because they are such a brilliant and diabolical combination of expensive elements. I wonder how many they actually sell.

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