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This is a major useful tip. I'm adopting it immediately. Did you know that among its many uses, c root is excellent cooked in Dutch style split pea soup? Traditionally, you cook it in the soup in large chunks, then extract it, slice it thin, and serve it on little sandwiches of that thin, square pumpernickle, with mustard- to go with the soup.(carnivores also put european bacon on the sandwiches, which is good, but not at all essential.) Do you think this could work with this method, cooked with the peel on in the soup- as long as well scrubbed?

I had no idea! That sounds appealing. I'm not sure if this method would work for the soup thing or not -- I'm a little dubious about whether one could really scrub away all the dirt from those crevasses down at the bottom of the root. Maybe a compromise strategy of lopping off the most gnarled and hairy bottom bit and scrubbing the rest would be the way to go?

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