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To elaborate, I think part of the trick here for me was to use not quite as much water as is usually recommended (I often see people calling for covering the eggs with at least an inch of water, where here I stopped a bit short of an inch) and partly covering the pan rather than letting it come to a boil even more slowly, completely uncovered. All that in combination with an on-the-short-side time in the covered pan seemed to do the trick--plus, of course, taking the cooked eggs OUT of their hot water and plunging them into ice water rather than ordinary cold water.

Blarg! The "more" isn't showing up for some reason. I'll investigate further (though you're not really missing much).

About the centered yolks, if you buy them at the supermarket you will notice that all eggs point down.

Thats the way the egg industry ships them to keep the yolk in the middle, until they figure out a way to let the hens lay the eggs hanging from their roost like bat's ;)

Hi There

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So, about that devil-ed eggs recipe that was mentioned. *grin* I love your style of writing -- it'd be fantastic to hear from you again in the blogosphere.

Never really been a huge fan of deviled eggs. They look funny and smell wierd too! Guess I need to visit your blog more often and try a few things eh!

Hey there,
It's strange, i had only heard of spinning the egg after you had cooked it to determine that it was in fact done, it's a marvelous trick for getting them soft boiled perfectly, once the whites are cooked solidly enough they will actually hold the yoke in one place, allowing the egg to spin without the precooking wobbles/walking. This does require removing the eggs from the heat periodically, but I find that a perfect soft boil is worth the effort. Also, speaking of centering yokes and such, has anyone else seen the trick with standing eggs on their ends during the summer and winter solstice? It's crazy, the moons gravitational force is JUST strong enough to hold the eggs standing on the non-pointy end for about 3 to 4 hours at the peek of the solstice. crazy.

Happy Birthday Snark! Many more Birthdays to come. So what's prepared for us?:)

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