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I love those Acme Bags very, very much, and have managed to stash them prit-near everywhere. During my long road trip, they were invaluable for toting stuff to the ballgame and beach and keeping my lunch together.

Have you ever considered getting a wheeled grocery cart? I always see folks in my neighborhood grocer's pulling the metal foldable cage-carts, but this seems like a pleasant alternative.

The internet seems to have caught up with me on the Acme bags; lots more love out there than there was when I bought my first batch (well, they were newer then.) The trouble I've always seen with the wheeled carts is that they're deep -- so they run into the same risk of having something medium-delicate in the middle and finding it hard to dig it out to shuffle things around and avoid squishing.

I gave the basket its trial run today and deem it good. Got a compliment from one of the farmers, too!

Oh, these bags and basket are so nice- I long to replace the mashed up collection of cloth bags I've accumulated over the years. They are horribly bulky and also ugly. But I guess it's seriously out of line with the whole concept to throw them out and get new ones? Sigh. They will never wear out.

Maybe I will find I have lost them. But I doubt it, somehow.

I really like the Whole Foods reusable bags because their handles are long enough that you can wear them like shoulderbags, making it easier to lug groceries. Those Acme bags are nice too because unlike the Whole Foods bags, there is no branding on the side, making them even more all-purpose than Whole Foods' (which I use for more than groceries)!

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