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"Is there any one ingredient that would make this even better?"

So. Clearly, you haven't yet tried this sandwich topped with freshly made, still warm onion jam.

Yeah, well, you should.

An avocado sandwich I invented in a moment of dire necessity one bare-cupboarded evening: whole wheat toast spread with avocado, sprinkled with cumin, oregano, and crumbled walnuts, drizzled with olive oil and briefly broiled. That's a great sandwich, too.

this sandwich topped with freshly made, still warm onion jam.


Yeah, well, you should.

How very right you are.

Mmm. And that looks like some really nice bread, too.

Indeed, not bad at all. It is from the local, awesomely named "ZOSS THE SWISS BAKER".

Oh, you're back and posting. How very lovely! ^__^ I do think that onion jam sounds marvelous with it - I really must try to make some at some point.

redfox, maybe this perfectly repeatable sandwich will tempt you to participate in my upcoming Sandwich Party? I hope so!

my all time favorite:
honey mustard
onion jam
sharp greens
either havarti or chicken


Kyrias: You really should; almost all of the labor is just puttering around doing something else while it cooks, and the results are fantastic.

Elsa: I might just! (In the spirit of complete frankness, I confess that I might just forget, too, but I'll try not to.)

GSG: Mm, that does sound good. In the past, I've worried about grilling sandwiches that involve avocado, for fear that it would break down in some unappealing way. Should I get over my concern?

If you press and grill til the bread is crisping and the cheese melts, and if the onion jam was already warm, the cheese will melt, and the avocado will get a little slippery. I rather enjoy the subtle change, it isnt unpleasant to my taste.

If you try it and don't like the new texture, you might grill the sandwich, then break it open and insert the avocado. I have never been tempted to do this though.

I have never mashed my avocado, so that will be a new detail for me.

Just a reminder: the Sandwich Party starts Friday (that's tomorrow in my time zone), and runs through the weekend. If you do post an entry, drop me a comment here. Hope you have time to play along!

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