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Bizarre, even!

Though avocado (and most especially avocado, butter, and red onion together) inspire people to immoveable devotion, it's wise to consider the power of the sandwich format, too.

People like sandwiches, is what I'm sayin'.

{That cabbage & egg dish does sound nummy, and I plan to eat it some dreary, rainy evening on my own.)

I have no bread in the house, and thus no sandwiches. It's appalling, I know!

Well, it's downright irrational.

A little Bhindi Masala, for example, is delicious (esp with a little bit of that papaya powder to dry out the okra, and with some sesame powder, cumin, cayenne and salt.)

And cabbage is delicious when cooked by someone else. (When cooked by me, it either ends up greasy or wilted.)

Lard pears, on the other hand...blech. (In fact, avocado is the single food my son won't eat, and I don't blame him. My wife, on the other hand, mixes avocado and sugar in milk, and insists that it's not a "slippery barf shake")

"Lard pear" indeed! I am only a relatively recent convert to avocados myself, so I sympathize. And I am not anywhere near ready for a sweet avocado milk drink.

Mysterious: I bookmarked the cabbage thing, and bypassed the avocado whatever.

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