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I love Lock&Lock. I'm contemplating buying one of the lunch boxes from Lunchsense, and I noticed that they sell a 34 oz container that divides into 3 for a relatively cheap price. Scroll down to find it here.

Lunch looks good - I don't think okra is supposed to be pretty.

Aha! I had no idea about the moisture thing, and was instead using a papaya powder (something I learned from an Indian co-worker years ago) after searing to "dry" the slime up. I guess it's some sort of dessicant, but much tastier than silica gel.

Robyn: Oh, thanks very much for the tip! It is especially useful for me as I'd decided that I definitely needed more of the 19 oz containers as well--so nice to have enough boxes to last the whole week, so I can load them up halfway with stuff I make on the weekend and add variety in the other half over the course of the week--but the place I'd bought the two I have is sold out! The carrier boxes do look pretty nifty, too. I can't imagine wanting to carry quite all the elements in the medium box, though, can you? I'll never want the drink container, for example. If only there were one sized to fit one 19 oz. divided box, one 6 oz. box, and the ice pack, I'd buy it in a second. I might buy the medium box anyhow, and resign myself to unused boxspace.

dbsmall: How intriguing! Is it amchoor powder, or is that something else?

Glad to help! You hit on the exact reason for my hesitation in purchasing...while this seems like the best system I've seen, and I really do want something that's insulated because I don't have reliable access to a fridge, the boxes are too big (or too small!). Especially since I bike to campus. But regardless, they seem a good source for the Lock&Lock containers. (As is, surprisingly, the QVC website).

But how was the okra prepared?

You know, you're right...it wasn't papaya powder. It was amchoor (green mango) powder.

But now I've got to try the "no moisture" approach.

The okra was prepared like this.

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