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read somewhere that beets dissolve calcium deposits from the arteries...good enough reason to have this .
pickles in India are very hot n spicy n this version will go well with salads or may be some stir fry for us.

It's true, beets are supposed to be very good for you! Loads of fiber and vitamins and antioxidants.

I love Indian oil-cured pickles too but have been told that you need good hot Indian sunshine to make them at home. Is this true, in your experience? Anyway, because of that, I buy them from shops instead of trying to make them myself. The house brand ones I've tried from Kalustyans seem good to me, but of course I've never had lovingly and expertly homemade ones to compare them to.

it's so noce to know you love Indian pickles ...but it's not necessary to cure it in the sun ...i make it without any sun exposure......have made a post and more is in my drafts which i'll post very soon.......check out this one...

Beet juice will stain more than your fingers.

Sangeeta: Your recipe intrigues me! I'll keep my eye out for green mangoes at the market.

Ben: How right you are.

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