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it makes sense to make an inconvenient recipe to be conveniently happy every day at breakfast time........with addition of fresh fruits and milk or yogurt it will be a nice start of a day..

Damn right granola is inconvenient, last (and only) time I made it, it broke one of my teeth. And so, sadly (because it's delicious), I will never make or eat it again. It's part of a tiny list.

Sangeeta: My thoughts exactly. That's also why I'm a convert to making enormous quantities at once. It makes a nice afternoon snack, too.

Bhikku: Oh no! How tragic. Do you know what part of the granola was so cruelly hard a betrayer?

Mmm granola.

Knowing I have a bowl of granola with my name on it always makes getting out of bed in the mornings a tiny bit easier.

I've got to get round to making a batch soon.

Thank you for unwrapping this blog for us again!

thecoffeesnob: I agree! Though today we're having plum cake.

Asha: My pleasure, thank you very much for reading.

Granola has been on my 'to do' list for few months now (>_<).........

I saw a while ago an idea to not use the oven, but use a pan and toast the granola on the stove. I hadn't tried it, but if not making huge amounts of it, I think it's worth a try. It's supposed to help with preventing burned-stuff-in-granola incidents.

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