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Howdy! So glad to see you up and open for readers! I was saddened when your original site went private, and had planned to email asking for access. Imagine my pleasure to see this site in my own blog's referrers!

I'll look forward to your future postings!

Hello! I'm very happy to see you here.

I was among the shy ones :) but I'd kept your feed in my reader all this time, and I'm very glad you're back!


Clotilde, I'm glad too! and very glad you've found me here.

Liz, I didn't realize until this week that you had a food blog too. I'm excited to read all your archives. Don't mess with Tex^H^H^H Alaska!

PS. How vexing that Typepad won't let me use strike tags in a comment.

came here first time as Maki of 'Just hungry' wrote a post about you........i am an Indian and find many recipes similar to ours....the lemon preserve we make is exactly similar n is paired with soupy lentil khichri...
i write blogs too and it's mostly about good , nutritious and some traditional Indian food , my blogs are not fancy websites but it means a lot to me cuz i am able to do that despite being a full time nursemaid to my bedridden daughter..
am happy to have found you here....will be coming frequently to see all your archives....

I wondered where you went - if only I had I known I could email for a password!

i'm very glad you are back!

Hurray! I am so glad you're back! I use many of your previous recipes frequently and am so excited to see what you have up your sleeve now!

Sangeeta: Thank you! I love khichri, and I like the idea of pairing it with the middle-eastern style preserved lemons I've written about here.

Ria: Yes, I'm afraid I was exactly the opposite of helpful or forthcoming. Not very sociable of me, to say the least.

Maryn: Same here! Thanks.

Kat: It's so nice to think of all those recipes out there being used. I still make so many of the same ones myself that I worry a little bit that I won't have much in the way of new material to share. I have a few things in the queue, though, and I'm sure more will turn up as I go along.

So glad you're back! I had been checking on occasion too, and didn't realize I could email you. Silly me for not digging a bit more. :)

And this morning, on the drive to work, I was thinking about how I wish I had a copy of your cheese and nut loaf. And lo and behold, here you are. Hooray!

Oh good! I was a long time reader and I'm glad I thought to google "The Hungry Tiger recipes" to re-find you again.


ditto everyone else, am so glad you're back! awesome!

I'm so glad to see your blog is back! I believe it was the first food blog I ever really followed, and it's certainly inspired me in my attempts at doing my own. (Though my screen name itself was inspired by the Borges poem. This is what happens when you set out to start a writing blog and think, "Oh, well, I might as well write a food blog under the same screen name." Famous last words.)

I'm looking for a particular recipe, my latest search for which being how I ended up discovering that you've restarted the blog. I remember getting a wonderful Moroccan carrot puree spread recipe off of your blog years ago, but I can't seem to find it here. Am I remembering the right blog?

Either way, I'm looking forward to your future posts, as well as being able to see the older ones again!

Other Tiger: You are not misremembering! It just turns out that that recipe is rather buried at the bottom of the post that it appears in. And here it is.

Thank you! My husband and friends will be pleased; they all declared it better than hummus when I've made it in the past. It disappeared in a *poof* of exotic spices every time I served it to guests.

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