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Dag! I made some baked beans myself a few weeks ago during the one day SF was having a heatwave. Rancho Gordos here, too -- the Santa Maria Pinquito variety. I don't have my sauce down but yours looks great.

Thoughts on bean pots?

Do I have thoughts on bean pots! Oh yes. I am inordinately fond of my clay bean pot, which seems to turn out perfect beans every time and is attractive too. It's the medium casserole here, a good size for cooking anywhere from a half pound to a pound or more of beans.

Also, something good seems to happen, texturally and flavor-wise, when I cook up the basic beans one day, then put them away, with their liquid, at least overnight, before heating them up with or without extra ingredients.

The recipe here of course doesn't have a baked-beans flavor even though they are beans that are baked. I do something on top of the stove, involving tamarind, that is more in the vein of New England baked beans, or Heinz beans, in flavor.

By "put them away" I of course mean in the fridge. I decant them into some plastic container instead of just leaving them in the pot.

Those are really nice bean pots there! Right now I use my roommate's glass casserole dish, which works, but that's that. I do like the tall one featured on the RG how-to pics 'n videos.

I'd like to try your double-soak-after-cooking technique. The textural improvement makes sense, yet I can't explain why. Where's my Harold McGee?!?

Heinz Baked Beans, mmmm... junky pleasure.

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