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Jalapeno brine. Genius.

Thanks! It's an extension of the general notion that something a little acidic at the end of cooking complements all beans (which is quite true) plus the results of some fridge scavenging a while ago. Thus a glorious child is born.

I've been looking for an excellent basic bean recipe, and so I got excited as I started to read your post. So excited, I resigned myself (normally quite lazy and can-prone) to making this exotic-sounding "jalapeno brine" that you mention.

And then... yay! Crap out of a jar! Even more excited.

Three cheers for crap out of a jar! Do be sure the beans are as tender as you want them before you add the brine, because the acidity will prevent them from getting much, if any, softer after that.

I was reading the wikipedia page for soy sauce yesterday, and they said something about how, in other countries, there's all this low-grade "soy sauce" that is not made with soy or fermentation at all, its wheat-based, but then its colored and salted to make it more like soy sauce. The point of it is the same, it just adds free glutamate to your food, along with salt, and in liquid form.

Anyway, the 'pedians mentioned that this product is more or less the same thing as what is sold here as liquid aminos, for certain values of liquid aminos. So maybe if F gets ornery, you can just spin it and say "oh, its not fancy stuff, its actually just really cheapo imitation soy sauce."

(Sweet idea though, PS how dank is Rancho Gordo? I love that guy, and I love his blog)

Those beans looks great!

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