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Nice to be able to see your site again, I couldn't for a while there. I don't know at which end the trouble lay.

I've only recently found the Hungry Tiger but it's a beautiful, intelligent and soothing site. Long may you continue cooking fantastic vegetarian food and writing about it!

Thanks very much.

Yes, we were out of town and while we were away, there were exciting DNS problems. Thanks for waiting around.

Yes! I remember this from the first time you posted it - loved it! Thanks for the reminder.

Lately we've been having distinctly less healthful things for breakfast, particularly CAKE. I have no bones to pick with cakey breakfasts, by any means, but thought this would be a good change of pace.

I missed mention of the kind of lentils photographed in this breakfeast meal?

I used the most unremarkable green or brown lentils you can find. Not the fancy black or Puy lentils, not split lentils (aka dal) -- just the dullest plain old lentils there are.

Just made these for the first time. They are really good. Earthy, filling, not too heavy. I used raw peanuts though, and will probably stick with roasted next time. Huzzah.

Hooray! Yes, I do think roasted peanuts add a certain something extra good. Nice to know that using raw doesn't completely undermine the dish, though.

Lentils lentejasLas belong to the pea family. They need a temperate climate to grow smoothly. There are some vegetables that despite the calories, which are added to the diets of thinning satiating power, to help remove fluid and by encouraging intestinal transit....

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