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My go-to reference for breads is Bernard Clayton's book. But I've never made his pumpkin bread.

I so frequently learn something on this blog...
(the key to cooking okra is removing all water, the secret to boiling eggs---although Alton Brown had a wonderful article on the subject as well, and now "canned pie pumpkin is really similar to butternut")

Do you take requests? Apparently, I am clueless about tamarind-based soups. My toor dal-infused rasam demonstrated a tremendous tamarind-paste incompetence. My vegetarian sinagang really only works when I use the sinagang powder, and only in about twice the concentration recommended.

Of course one then toasts the seeds and gobs 'em.

Alas, I can claim no special expertise regarding tamarind-based soups. Maybe I should set out to acquire some (expertise and soup), though! I do love rasam.

My sister's trick for making an amazing sweet pumpkin bread is to replace a bit of the flour with cornmeal. Last Christmas, I topped mini-loaves of this cornmeal pumpkin bread with streusel, wrapped the baked loaves in pretty wrapping, and gave them in Christmas baskets.

And then, I admit, I was envious as I gave away those baskets.

This year, I think I had better add myself to my Christmas list.

My daughter loves pumpkin bread. We have a neighbor who bring us pumpkin bread every Christmas (we send cookies). But I'm going to have to show my daughter your post on making pumpkin bread - she will probably try it.

I'd sit down with a slice of pumpkin bread and a cup of coffee, but my daughter favors tea. She has found a terrific source for all sorts of excellent specialty teas -> Golden Mountain Tea House. So if you love tea like my dauther does, give this place a try.

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