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here is another sentimental tea n teapot person..
darjeeling n green tea being my favorites day after day.
i have brewed darjeeling tea with lemongrass ( taken with some brown sugar), mint , ginger etc. but never tired with sage....your picture of sage leaves gives me heartache as my sage plat died this summer n i am yet to bring a new one.

the teapot looks just majestic..

I have some sage. I will try this.

Sangeeta: I am glad to be in good company. Darjeeling with lemongrass and brown sugar sounds enticing! Best in hot weather, do you think?

Mama: Did you like it?

I've just returned from Jordan and bought the sage, cardamom and cinnamon mix from some Bedouins. It was explained that the tea shouldn't be too strong so its best to put the herb n spices in the hot water before the tea bag. give it half a min and add tea bag. Sweeten if desired. I have it as it is. Ria

Hmmm - what you are saying about sage tea is very interesting. The only sage tea I've heard about before is white sage - apparently (according to my daughter and her good friend who supplied the sage tea for her) it is excellent for cutting a cold short, but rather unpleasant and bitter to drink. So what you describe sounds like a very different tea than the white sage my daugter had.

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