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wait, add lemon juice then bring to boil? bring the juice of one single lemon to boil? or am I supposed to add water before bringing to boil? confused.

Yes, one single (juicy) lemon. The misleading thing is that there is really no "bringing" to a boil -- it will boil up right away, and then you bang the lid on and turn the heat right down.

A good source of acidic zing for brussels sprouts: reduced balsamic vinegar.

The cheapie, freely flowing kind of balsamic vinegar, I presume?


A new south Texas favorite way to eat brussels sprouts. Even my kids ate them! Of course it was under the guise of reminding them that we're going to Spain and they will be required to try new flavors/food. Not that we lie to our kids, but cajole them, since anytime they'll eat vegetables and like them it's a point scored.

Nevertheless, I hope you don't mind that I posted this recipe to my food blog, (http://www.madisonhousechef.com/2009/12/another-delicious-way-to-eat-brussels-sprouts.html) with full credit to you certainly, so that I'll be able to find it again in the near future as it was a huge hit at our dinner table.

Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Hooray! I'm so glad you liked it. The reposting is very much a-OK by me.

i'd love this kind of treatment to brussels sprouts...they are not always available here but i love the taste , will be on my try list n your posts i don't need to bookmark , they are on my mind :)

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