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I'll make these next week, for sure.

(And the first time I found your site, it was via a hyperlink from someone else's, I think. When I returned, it was after googling for info from the bookmarked URL.)

I love this recipe, might be time to make it again. I also used a small ice cream scoop last time I made them. :)

Yes , it is a very forgiving and accommodating recipe..i love kibbeh for this reason only..
Even i use a spoon or a scoop for shaping them , especially when i make them hot..:)

Hurrah, it's the godlike snacks! Like Samantha, I think it's about time I made these again.

When you had your blog hiatus, I went searching for it as I had never actually managed to bookmark the URL. The god like lentil snacks was always the first entry that Google pulled up! I should try my hand at them...

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