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You TOASTED the bread in an egg salad sandwich!??! I think I'm going to die...

I tend to make my egg salad plain as I am too damn lazy to chop onions or celery or anything else. With just enough mayo to make it creamy, and salt. There's something about eating it on plain white bread that is so wonderful, but I am partial to any bread really.I used to get ones at the UMCP co-op that were on dill bread with baby spinach. Yum! I wonder if the bad egg salad was made with (yuck) Hellman's Salad Dressing.

Oh, when I was a wee child there was a store on Main Street in Laurel that had a lunch counter. Every morning they hard boiled eggs and when you ordered an egg salad sandwich they would make it fresh with one of the eggs.

1) Egg salad is one of the many things that a few sprigs of cilantro vastly improve
2) Last month, I made deviled eggs (not egg salad sandwiches), in which horseradish (well, wasabi, actually) was added to the mayo. I bet that would be good, as well.
3) You said celery. Yeah, although, for me, it's more about the crunch, than the taste, so a good sub- is water chestnut.
4) I'm with Josef (I think). I prefer the bread soft, and untoasted.

Then again, I've never stopped enjoying egg-salad sandwiches. (Sheesh, next thing you know, you'll say you don't enjoy a grilled-cheese on cheap white bread or something...)

I am one of those, like you were, who thinks she hates egg salad sandwiches.
I do like eggs quite a lot, really, so perhaps I should try them again.
I certainly like the idea of them with fennel pollen!

I like the dressed up egg salad. This is one sandwich that I like when it is "grilled" with butter on both sides in a skillet. And I strongly prefer the more substantial bread like roman meal or homemade whole wheat.

The smell of egg-mayonnaise (that's what we call it here in Britain-land) sandwiches makes me want to heave. I recall feeling really upset that I felt sick on my birthday, and how unfair it was. My Mum felt the need to make egg-mayo sandwiches for the guests at my birthday parties, you see. Sorry, not for me.

Aha! I have strong feelings on these questions:

chopped egg, just enough mayonnaise, s&p

sturdy whole wheat or occasionally rye, spread with stoneground mustard with horseradish

lots of capers, cherry tomatoes, and/or sun-dried tomatoes
(it Must have at least one of these and Must Not have celery!)

I am lazy and cherry tomatoes are slippery, so I just jam it together, hang on tight, and go.

Accompanied by:
Ooh! pickles and potato chips both sound good! I sense a need to expand into this area.

I don't actually care for eggs much, so the Withs are critical to my happiness; I rarely have this if I haven't made it. Although, I first had egg salad with strips of sun-dried tomato (open-faced) at Cafe Fanny in Berkeley, back when before I knew what a sun-dried tomato was, and found it miraculous.

We never have mayonnaise in the house, so on the (very rare) occasions when I make egg salad, I use plain yogurt, a squirt of lemon, a drizzle of olive oil, and plenty of seasoning: chili powder or paprika, pepper, kosher salt, and just the tiiiiiiiniest touch of garlic. Scallion is nice if I have it on hand; ditto chives.

I want the eggs to be freshly cooked, with yolks slightly soft in the center, and still warm.

The bread must be toasted.

Carrot sticks on the side. Chips? Okay!

I love hearing all these variations and will definitely have to try many of them. Given my teaching schedule this semester, I should have plenty of opportunities.

Josef and Amy: The DEFINITELY TOAST vs OH GOD NOT TOAST split intrigues me. It almost makes me think I should try it again the other way, but then my intuition tells me otherwise.

dbsmall: Cilantro, brilliant. I even have some in the fridge.

Meaghan: The fennel pollen is great! Highly recommended.

Loren: Pan-toasting (or whatever) the bread is a great idea, and I always like an opportunity to introduce more butter.

Carol: I feel just the same way about the parallel kind of tuna fish sandwiches. They make me want to vomit and die from at least twenty paces. Ugh. If someone had made me bear their presence at my own birthday party, I would resent it to the end of my days, so you certainly have my sympathy!

kelljones: Cherry tomatoes *are* slippery, but I like the idea. I am not a big fan of celery otherwise, but for some reason like it in the egg salad. It is a holy mystery.

Elsa: Carrot sticks! I can't believe I hadn't thought of them. Now I am thinking that lightly pickled carrots would also be excellent.

Unsolicited advice*: if you try egg salad without toast, you might either use a bread that is very firm indeed, or put something crispy-crunchy in the salad itself. Without something crisp or crunchy or firm, an egg salad sandwich feels like an little slump of sadness.

... though maybe the lettuce does that duty in your sandwich. I'm in the watercress-or-nothing** party, so I don't know.

* I'm sure you're cooing "oooooh, advice!" with a beam of delight. Who doesn't love more unsolicited advice?

* In practical terms, this usually means nothing, not watercress.

I like egg mayo sandwiches made with 1 whole egg and 1 yolk, chopped as fine as possible (as I don't really like egg white). I use salad cream, not mayo, and then loads of course ground black pepper.

Ideally I take a brown roll, cut it open, then scoop out some of the bread from the bottom half so that there's somewhere for my egg mayo to sit without slopping out of the side when I bite into it. I make the egg mayo slightly too wet, then don't spread anything on the bread, so the eggy salad cream absorbs into the bread. On top I add slices of cucumber and tomato, and eat at once.

I'm a toast person, too. But I resist the "salad" part of egg sandwiches by lightly spreading the mayo on one slice of bread and brown mustard on the other, then slicing the egg and topping with my pickled green tomatoes.

I love all of the comments! And boy oh boy, I think it's going to be egg salad for dinner.

I'm a fan, and tend to keep it pretty simple:

chopped eggs
mustard - my mom always used Gulden's, so even though I have a million different kinds in the fridge Gulden's is my default too.

Toasted bread, with lettuce. Chips and carrot sticks, and any and all pickles.

@Elsa - I love the 'little slump of sadness'... poor sad egg salad!

My oldest son doesn't like onion in his soft salads, so my favorite way to make egg salad is the regular mayo blend, but I add shredded carrots, and a sprinkle of cayenne (or paprika if cayenne is too spicy for you)
They give a crunch and a sweetness to the egg salad and the cayenne gives a little kick.

Mmm. I like the idea of capers (above) but my SO wouldn't touch it. It'll have to be a custom sandwich. Easy with these, though!
I've just found you again after the blog moved. I've missed you!

I think it may depend a bit on the size of the egg bits and the kind of mayonnaise and relish people use. I've found a lot of egg salads to be simply too SWEET for me. So, like when I'm at my friend's house and her mother makes egg salad, I jazz it up for the two of us with some relish, pepper, salt, and whatever else is yummy and at hand. I also think eating it on basic white bread makes it too sweet.

And I'm so happy I just found your blog! My mom and I are vegetarian until Easter, and I quickly run out of good veggie things to eat, as I am a hardened carnivore.

Egg salad is oddly good with a bit of sriracha mixed in. Or maybe that's my (possibly genetic) spiciness addiction talking.

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