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This is an unbelievably good recipe that's basically as fast as nuking a pizza in the microwave and, as Red says, makes you feel wholesome after you eat it. A++ WOULD DO BUSINESS AGAIN.


Oooh, this sounds perfect for the late suppers we often have. (The Fella works until 11:30 most nights, and usually wants something to nosh when he gets home.) And except for the cilantro, I have everything in the fridge right now. Lovely.

Brilliant! I didn't think a dinner without carbs would be bearable, but this is surprisingly filling.

It's even good with thinly sliced carrot and without coriander. Plus a sliced hardboiled egg. It also looks incredibly elegant and Asian.

i have been making something similar, only with soba noodles: in addition to making it a little more substantial, the leftover cooking water + miso is a nice substitute for broth if you don't have any around. i also saute the ginger and onion (or garlic) and bok choy before adding it to the noodles & broth: which makes my version both a little heavier and a little more complicated, but it's still done in 15 minutes.

also, hello! way back when, i used to read your blog, and then the website was blocked for a long time, but i am glad to have found the blog again in this next incarnation. also, the pointless forest, which kept me giggling for a long time the other night.

DJ: It is just the kind of thing I can imagine the two of you eating, in fact. Chicken?

Elsa: Truly, it is the queen of late-night dining, I would imagine all the more so at 11:30 than at 9.

Nellig: Your variations sound excellent. We often have a spare hard-boiled egg in the fridge on bok choi nights, too -- I'll have to give that a try.

Aleza: Hello! I'm very glad you found me again. I just picked up a new tub of miso, too.

I'm making this for lunch right now.

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