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The jam tart?

You know, it totally doesn't matter. Because your take on recipes is still going to be different. The same thing happens when critics review restaurants in NYC. They'll all write about the same place, but since they all come at it from a different perspective it's fine.

I for one wouldn't hold it against you. :)

I have no idea what Smitten Kitchen is, so please don't let it stop you posting!

Just looked and ugh, the ads are so gross! Steal all their posts so I can read you instead.

You are very nice! The trouble is that it makes me feel so dang lame. Imagine if every time you went to write about something, you discovered that you were just recapitulating Cory Doctorow. It would be disheartening!

I'm totally with Kake. (Although...now I'm going to go check out Smitten Kitchen.)

I love reading things here, and sometimes worry that it's been too long between posts...and maybe you've hung up your apron for a bit.

I promise to continue to thing good things about this blog, even if they overlap things elsewhere.

I read Smitten Kitchen about once a week, but I'd love to see your rendition of any dish she's likely to make. In fact, I'd prefer to see your rendition over hers, and I'd love to hear about changes you might ring on existing recipes.

Frankly, I read you for different reasons and have (uh, whether it's real or not) a different sense of relationship with you. You feel like a real person whom I'd invite in to sit on my couch and have a cup of tea and tell me about your day or your dinner. Deb feels like someone I'd overhear in a coffeehouse, and maybe every so often I'd, um, roll my eyes privately at what she says, no matter how well intended and helpful.

I hope that doesn't sound too unkind to her, since I enjoy the content she provides; it's perfectly honest, though. There are blogs I read for the tone and those I read despite the tone. Yours is the former.

I don't read Smitten Kitchen, but I love your blog and would love to hear about whatever your making so I can make it too!

"You're," not "your." Sorry!

However, as is known, the writing style at SmitKit is unbearable.

I feel you. Back when I actually posted things on my blog (circa 1995), I would often have a similar experience with 101 Cookbooks. I'd feel a bit like a deflated balloon with something irritating stuck in my sock. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, boo-hoo! I agree with others, though: your writing is what's so dang groovy, and us fans want more, recipe redundancy be danged!

You guys are so good to me.

Deflated balloon with something irritating stuck in my sock: exactly! And thinking "god, what am I doing wearing socks anyway, I'm just a dumb old deflated balloon."

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