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this looks amazing, and I DO have preserved lemons, that I made myself. Woo.

Hooray! I'm very happy with the way it doesn't feel like a retread of the same old thing, despite being pretty straightforward. I hope you'll like it too.

We have only half a jar of preserved lemons left at the moment, and there's no point in my making more before we move, a rather precarious state of affairs. I just read something somewhere in which a chef was saying that they achieve a whole new level of alchemical goodness after a year (!), which makes me feel like we should all be making enormous batches all the time.

Oh, yes, of course, that's what I should do with the extra fridge space I gained by tidying and organising things — fill it with a big jar of preserved lemons!

(I know they don't need to be kept in the fridge, but I prefer to.)

It's really too bad that, reportedly, the music on Some Blues But Not The Kind That's Blue isn't that great, because it's got an excellent title.

Really simple, but tasty, would recommend for summer!

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