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These sound so perfect. Weekday breakfast is always something quick, but the weekends are for a lovely breakfast and time together at our house. I must try these and dazzle my partner with them - I'm sure he's gonna love'em.

Do you ever make girdle scones? That's my dad's specialty and your oatycake commentaries always make me hungry for them.

Larry: I hope you and he like them as much as I do!

Thorn: I don't, but clearly I should. Does he have a special recipe?

These are the extreme best. Since you told me about them, I have been making them often, and would just like to point out that they also make good savory snacks, too as well as jam planks. For non-vegetarians, bits of smoked salmon are a seriously good topping, and scallions also nice with a dab of sour cream.

My dad said his recipe is from (the amazingly titled!) Beard on Bread, but we were busy doing family things and I didn't look at the recipe itself. Oooh, and the smoked salmon and scallion versions of this are looking fantastic!

These are astoundingly good! The first words out of my mouth were "Hot Damn!". I added 2T flax meal, and dropped the butter to 5T. But I know this is going in the regular rotation. Thanks!

And hey, congrats on the move to sunny CA. :)

Oh. My. God. These are so delicious! I just thought they'd be a good way to eat more oats without the tedium of oatmeal, but they are AMAZING.

Ha! I own "Beard on Bread", but until this very moment, it never occured to me how funny the title could be!

The second time I made these I used rolled rye and some caraway seeds. Absolutely delicious (as are the oat ones), but use more buttermilk as they really soak it up.

I made these for breakfast today. It's the first time we had homemade pancakes for breakfast. What deliciousness!

Lynn: Rolled rye, how cool! Where do you get it, or do you roll it yourself? We have friends who own a hand-cranked roller for making their own rolled oats, and I have coveted it ever since I saw it. Little kids seem to especially love it, too.

The only downside to this recipe is that it takes me too long to make a whole batch. (This is an issue because the baby only has so much patience for watching me cook.) I need a giant electric griddle so I can start cranking them out en masse. Maybe I'll try making a half batch next time, except that then we'll eat it all up really really fast.

Making a double batch tonight, and an electric griddle would be awesome. Maybe I'll drag a chair over to the stovetop. :)

by the way, these are really good with steel-cut instead of rolled oats, and I've also made them with half the butter and they're still delicious.

Where did you get the Wilkin & Sons jam!!

John: Months and months late to reply, but I got one jar in England and another for some unbearably exorbitant price online. The markup is obscene, sadly.

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