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Oh my stars, I must go see if I can round up these ingredients right now.

redfox, this looks so delectable and fresh! And the oil is exactly the kind of Christmas present that would make me squeal. (So, yes, a little weird. But such a nice weird!)

I've started the round-up of sandwiches. So far, you and I are ahead of the pack, but I know lots of people will add their sandwiches before the weekend is out!

Nice work. I'm a huge fan of virtually 100% of those ingredients. Plus the concept of the sandwich.

Dude, you should totally make the bottles of oil for presents. do it do it! The midwest/NE does not have Any idea what is great about CA produce, since the character of each is so different; making it obvious through presents like this is definitely a god plan. If only we could feasibly send people avocados as well.

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